Over 90 years of experience – to your advantage.

Festool develops superior quality electric and pneumatic tools for professionals as well as users with tough demands. Since the founding of the family business in 1925, quality and innovation have been the highest priorities. Over 300 patents and more than 80 awards for products and business prove that these principals are worth focusing on.
More than 90% of our customers remain loyal to the brand Festool. They have made sure that Festool has kept a competitive edge over the years. They also trust the label ‚German Quality by Festool‘ and count on our tools to take on the highest of demands.

Power tools for the toughest demands

A sprinter has a unique burst of speed at his command, a marathon runner an astounding stamina and a shotputter an enormous power reserve. What they all have in common, is the perfect preparation for their respective discipline.

The EC-TEC drive concept works precisely according to this principle. This means that a cordless drill and jigsaw, delivered with an EC-TEC motor, will already be individually designed from our development department and ensured to always reach the maximum performance for every task.

EC-TEC does not just provide a high performance, but is also intelligent.
By way of special power electronics, that always provides only enough energy as the particular work situation requires, it makes it possible to save energy and at the same time get significantly more from one battery charge.

The inner rotor moves in close proximity to 12 magnetic poles which work together with integrated sensors to continually send information about the current position of the rotor which ensures a smooth rotation of the motor and a precise RPM regulation. Finally, the third important factor is robustness. EC-TEC works without carbon brushes and while it is working, virtually wear free, it is also constantly checking important parameters like temperature and motor speed.

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Hindin Marquip Ltd specialises in tools and machinery for automotive, engineering and rural enterprises. Our goal is to provide quality products at competitive prices and to back that up with an excellent aftersales service. We still assemble compressors and other equipment in particular in the category of heavy duty industrial.

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